The words that bring you closer to your patient

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Did you know that when a doctor finishes his training he has learned more than 50,000 new words?

This fact shows that the medical-scientific terminology and the treatments used in health can be confusing for a non-specialized audience.

More than 90% of the health websites that I examine do not establish effective communication with their audience, a crucial factor in retaining that visit and encouraging them to purchase your services or products.

Therefore, it is essential to speak the same language as your patients throughout the sales cycle so that they clearly understand how you can help them.

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What can I write for you? The texts that surround any health business should focus on helping the patient and doing it clearly and seriously.

Your patient needs:

Understand your service or product with friendly language. That you explain, properly, the scientific endorsement behind your offer. Receive credible claims that do not sound