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From writing texts to writing patient-friendly and profitable for business

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For years I have been a lover of reading, writing and health so I decided to unite my passions in the service of others.

Start doing it and learn to improve it and I found my passion. I understood that communication was my thing.

Everything was making sense. The decision was made: I hung up my gown and walked away from the laboratory bench.

Lover alike of science and letters.

So in 2020 I started my journey as an entrepreneur.

With the guidance of a mentor and a few sleepless nights, I began my adventure as a medical writer.

Since then he has had the privilege of working for health businesses. That has allowed me to face unique projects with very different objectives, with which they have been able to grow professionally and I discovered copywriting.

I realized that I have been applying and validating persuasive writing techniques in promotional and corporate texts, since that day, I have not stopped investing in learning training.

Today, I use all the baggage I have accumulated, from science and literature, to help health

projects like yours show how they can transform the health of their patients.