How to write a good SEO text? Here is my advice

How to write a good SEO text? Here is my advice

Seo positioning, or search engine optimization, is an English term that defines search engine optimization know-how for search sites. If a site is unpublished and has no vacationers, it is of little use.

The goal of the seo challenge is to give your site the opportunity to show itself on the internet.

1/ the positioning phase

This step refers to all the work that is done to bring a site to the know-how of Internet users. It is indicated as the relationship that is implemented between a guide and a search engine.

2/ the seo editorial staff has a double role

Google is more “clever” and things have changed. Now, your text must remain high quality content so that google can put it in the best places.

In fact, your text must meet your two target audiences: your readers and google.

3/ a finely tuned beginning to keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat the web is much more tiring for the client who is, moreover, terribly pursued by the various information flows.

The advent of the smartphone accentuates these difficulties by offering a smaller screen and a smaller float line. By high, the reader scans the publication and focuses mainly on the first paragraph.

4/for a neophyte, this trophy looks strange, so here’s how to situate it: the hn product, corresponds to the structure of the titles that will be used in your text. The hn are html signs used for titles.

These titles have several levels. From h1 for the title, to h6 for the much cheaper title. Generally speaking, few editorialists use titles at the h3 level.


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