Some tips to get started with Instagram and Twitter

Some tips to get started with Instagram and Twitter

Check out all the instagram tips and tricks to make better use of your application. Simple and little-known instagram vision tips and tricks. And by what means should you post the tips and tricks on instagram.

1 instagram tip : more colors on your stories

Did you know that you can have more colours than the 27 basic colours suggested in instagram stories?
You can even have the whole rainbow of colours if you want!

2 Link your other instagram profiles or hashtags into your presentation

The social group has recently given all merchants the advantage of being able to bring clickable text into the presentation.


So, as soon as you insert a # or @ before a word or account, other merchants can click up to learn more. This can be very useful if you manage more than one account for your brand, or if you’re currently setting up a campaign with a “trendy” hashtag.

3 tips and tricks to boost engagement

On your instagram stories get more views on our stories with hashtags did you know that it’s possible to add up to 10 hashtags on each of our story articles? By integrating hashtags into your ephemeral content, you give your stories more chances to be appreciated by others.

Most places and hashtags have their own stories, which means that they can appear in search results. So, to get the most out of this little-used strategy, add 10 effective hashtags to your future stories.

4 Adopt a content maker just like your other social network accounts, your instagram account should be managed by one person (maybe two).

If possible, choose an arm of your employees that grasps the spirit of the platform and knows all of its features. 5 define a frame for your vision using instagram, you can have fun inserting borders to your filtered photos to give them a little polaroid feel.

Upload the photograph you want to border, press “next”, then tap the fan and type it in too, then tap the border icon, which is a precise effigy located on the right side of the fan intensity slider.



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